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Faux Lashes

For those who opt for convenient occasional impact for a single event or special occasion.


Join the Adamms family with this crazy but fun lash! Gives you a long spikey effect, perfect to complete a fancy dress costume.


DIY application:

For a fail-proof lash application- 1. Curl lashes and coat with mascara. 2. Apply a thin layer of Duo Lash Glue along the band of the false lash. 3. Leave for 10 seconds until the glue becomes tacky (this makes the lashes easier to stick onto the eye). 4. Stand really close to your mirror, holding your false lashes (the opposite end of the glue) between your thumb and forefinger, tilt head up and place lashes down on top of your natural lashes. The false lashes need to sit in between the skin of your eyelid and where your natural lashes grow. 5. Use your fingers to press your natural and false lashes together so you don’t get a double lash. 6. Finish with an eye liner to disguise where falsies have been applied. Lashes can be reused for up to 10 uses!


BOOK an appointment in store:

Have our team of experts apply your choice of faux lashes from our select Lash Bar range at our Miss Eyelash Luxury Spa in Mt Eliza (on the Mornington Peninsula, 1hr south of Melbourne) or our Miss Eyelash Loft Studios in Elwood (10km from Melbourne CBD)